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Small Group Activities

 Throughout the school day, children will experience the following small group activities that are adapted and structured around your child's academic and motor skills.  Lessons are geared toward weekly themes that will engage and stimulate your child to progress and grow academically, emotionally and socially.  As well as our prekindergarten curriculum, we also foster spiritual understanding by teaching a monthly virtue and bible lesson.   

Beginning Literacy


Children have the opportunity to explore letters and learn their sounds.  They will experience story walks and creative storytelling.  They will be introduced to letters and learn how each letter makes a sound.  They will experience activities that show the children how letters form words, words form sentences and sentences make stories.  Art, crafts, games and writing activities are used to instill early literacy concepts and help children to explore stories and creative thought in diffent ways.   

Math & Science

Our preschoolers have an opportunity to explore and discover math and science concepts through games, art, and hands on science discovery.  Number recognition, one on one counting, sorting, patterning, graphing and shapes are all early concepts that will be explored throughout the school year.  Weekly themes are used to explore a variety of science principals. 

Music & Movement

Beats, patterns, musical instruments, listening skills, rhymes and gross motor development are introduced and strengthened in this period of our school day.  The children work together to create bands, use imaginative play to sing and dance to familiar songs as well as create new ones.  Basic gross motor skills as, running, jumping, hopping, skipping and basic exercise are all developed.

Handwriting & Fine Motor Development


Fine motor skills are developed by using building blocks to build and create letters.  Beginning strokes are introduced through stories and songs to help the children successfully master writing concepts.  After these concepts have been developed, the children begin to write letters with instruction using simple instructions and language to help them succeed.

Wood Bridge Preschool

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